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We built this course because people like you are looking to gain the latest evidence-informed knowledge without having to go to university. The courses are taught by recognised world experts and academics.

  • Behaviour change, neuroscience, motivational interviewing, habit formation, positive psychology - giving you the practical knowledge to help yourself or your family/clients make sustainable behaviour changes.
  • Get science-based nutrition knowledge, tools and confidence - enabling you to have intelligent and informed conversations about food by understanding the science of what works and for whom.
  • Learn the latest trends and research in exercise and health, discover the latest techniques for longevity and optimal health, and gain a valuable understanding of the science of fitness.
  • Understand how to create a lifestyle that will optimise brain function, performance and wellbeing today and into old age. Find out about science of sleep and stress so you can stay in peak mental condition.

Your Instructors

Dr Caryn Zinn

An NZ Registered Dietitian and academic at AUT University, Caryn has over 20 years of consulting experience as a dietitian.

Professor Grant Schofield

Grant is the Director of The Centre for Human Potential at AUT University and has all the boxes ticked in a high-achieving academic career.

Dr Catherine Crofts

A lecturer in Pharmacology at Auckland University of Technology, Catherine has more than 20 years’ experience as a clinical pharmacist.

Dr Louise Schofield

Louise has a PhD in Public Health and develops behaviour change programs that achieve results.

Dr Desiree Dickerson

Desiree is a Neuroscientist & Clinical Psychologist with a doctorate in the neurodevelopment of mental health disorders.